Why cover your terrace in winter?

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Why cover your terrace in winter?

The winter period is synonymous with gloom and melancholy. At this time of year, outdoor dining areas are often unused, even though they represent a real opportunity for differentiation. Don't hesitate, dress up your terrace in the middle of winter! This trendy concept has many advantages, both for the company and for customers wishing to enjoy a good dinner in an unusual and magical setting.

Traditional restaurant offerings are no longer enough to seduce consumers who are increasingly demanding and looking for something new. At FUGU, we believe that thecustomer experience in the food & beverage sector is the key to creating a unique concept that will amaze your guests. Set yourself apart from the competition by choosing one of our three structures dedicated to the food and beverage market: the Metal domethe Halo Dome and the Tunnel Gallery.

ephemeral architecture

The advantages of a deck in all seasons

Winter should no longer be synonymous with an off-season for restaurant owners. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to differentiate oneself by using one's outdoor space, which represents an asset that is still too little exploited! Setting up your terrace in winter is a very beneficial investment for professionals in the sector. By optimising your entire space, you will be able to welcome more guests, which will considerably increase your occupancy rate and your turnover. 

Take advantage of the expression "crowds attract crowds" to win over new customers! In addition to optimising your number of covers per day, proposing an original restaurant concept will strongly stimulate theattractiveness of your restaurant. Seeing your terrace full in the middle of winter will encourage passers-by to come and try your original offer. 

transparent dome

There's nothing better for building customer loyalty than innovation ! Immerse your guests in your brand universe during a meal. This new space, designed in your image, will reveal the unique identity you wish to broadcast to the general public. This immersive experience will allow them to fully adhere to your concept while developing their sense of belonging to your brand.

transparent dome

Who doesn't dream of a good dinner under the stars, worthy of a chick flick? The terraces and rooftops are secret and surprising places that give visitors a feeling of exclusivity. They offer them the opportunity to marvel at the outdoor entertainment in an idyllic and warm setting. The design of a restaurant terrace therefore has the advantage of offering its customers an extra-sensorygastronomic experience.

transparent dome

Convinced of the advantages of winterizing? FUGU structures are reusable and can be used in winter as well as in summer. Each season has its own decor! For an even more unusual experience, don't hesitate to change the decor according to the time of year: country style in autumn or summer vibes when the weather is fine... Give your imagination free rein to bring your terrace to life!

Unique structures for a personalised experience

Manufactured and designed with eco-friendly materials, our high-end structures have their own identity to give your customers an authentic and unusual experience. Weatherproof, they offer real added value for open-air cafés, ephemeral rooftops or chic and trendy bars that want to innovate.

1. The Geodesic Domean unusual and ultra-trendy must-have

transparent dome

Both resistant and innovative, this structure adapts to each season to make your catering space an atypical and memorable place!

Fully customisable, it is easy to assemble and disassemble for practical and efficient use. Its very rigid structure offers optimal durability thanks to its resistance to wind and weather. 

In winter as well as in summer, our geodesic domes allow you to enjoy a panoramic view while remaining protected from the weather. Like the Eiffel Tower, the Galeries Lafayette or the Novotel Paris, opt for this unique structure which will offer your guests a culinary experience in complete privacy. 

2. The Halo Domea romantic bubble for a transparent dinner

transparent dome

Le Fouquet's, Bateaux-Mouches, Oxygen... All have been seduced by our Halo Dome which allows to sublimate a space, whatever its location.

As in a secret cocoon, let your customers enjoy a warm and comforting place. Weatherproof and self-supporting, this unique structure can be installed anywhere. 

Its main feature is that it is 100% transparent, which allows it to blend into the landscape and offer guests a unique experience. These magical bubbles will perfectly suit the design of your rooftop. Its unusual shape represents a totally Instagrammable choice for dining with friends or lovers while enjoying a breathtaking view of the outside environment.

3. The Tunnel Gallery, with its futuristic and avant-garde design

ephemeral architecture

This structure is perfectly suited to the design of unusual and trendy terraces. The Renaissance Paris Hotel and the Ruinart Champagne House have both opted for our chic and surprising Tunnel Gallery.

Its special length and high quality finish make it unique. 

Composed of modular elements, it is possible to customize it to create the desired space. Whether for breakfast, lunch, tea time, after work or dinner, our Tunnel Gallery can be adapted to each use you make of it!

Since a successful structure requires a quality interior and space design, the FUGU team will accompany you and meet your needs by offering you a scenography in keeping with the image of your hotel, bar or restaurant. Delivered turnkey and quick to assemble, we will carry out your customised project in an efficient and practical manner. Revolutionise the culinary experience by combining conviviality and originality! 

Finally, the famous"Wow"effect plays a major role in the success of a restaurant. Today, players in the food & beverage sector must stand out from the crowd in order to build customer loyalty. This is why FUGU invites you to make your concept unique by opting for one of our unusual structures! They will provide real added value and will appeal to the five senses of your customers, who will enjoy a unique experience.


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