Project management and design

Project management and design

Beyond the classic structures proposed in our catalogue, we are a force of proposal by proposing to our customers architectures and perennial constructions CUSTOMIZED.
Some examples of constructions:

  • Retractable glass veranda in steel / aluminium  
  • Design glass roofs (SkyRoof / Skylights)
  • Glass vault with steel frame  
  • Glass atriums
  • Geodesic Glazed Domes/Geodesic Glazed Greenhouse
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Our strengths are the design and installation of steel and aluminum frame structures in the real estate, commercial, office, lobby, and various architectural projects.

Special features of the project

  • SkyRoof / Skylight
  • Atrium
  • Glass Design Veranda
  • Glass domes
  • Glass greenhouse
  • Design glass fronts

Thermal Engineering Office

Our Thermal Design Office meets the following needs:

  1. Thermal insulation / thermal bridge coefficient calculation
  2. RT 2012 thermal study including :
  • Bioclimatic requirements according to architecture / orientation / insulation
  • Building input for heating dimensioning
  • Calculation of summer/winter comfort temperature, heat loss (heating and cooling)
  • Calculation of energy consumption (heating / hot water / ventilation / lighting)
  • Calculation of ventilation rates (CMV) and according to the size of the ventilation networks (double flow system)

 3. Realization of two alternative simulations with different materials and systems, aiming at reducing the construction cost and energy consumption according to the requested objectives. Including 3 updates in the service (except modification of the plan) Fluid study / APD phase / D.C.E. :

  • Participation in meetings to draw up D.C.E. plans
  • Pre-dimensioning of technical ducts and equipment.
  • Finalization of the DCE plans with the architect.
  • CCTP, DPGF & design drawings for the technical lots with layout of equipment and appliances (heating, ventilation, plumbing).
  • Sizing of the heating units based on the thermal study.
    Sizing of the ventilation and water supply networks inside and outside the buildings.
  • Supply of the DCE file (CCTP + plans)

This mission covers the following lots: - Heating - HVAC    

Thermal Expertise

Depending on the structure and its use (ephemeral or permanent structures), we offer our clients technical expertise to propose the best thermal solutions to enable them to make optimal use of their architecture and to allow for the most optimised sizing adapted to their specifications.

  • Technical recommendations & arbitration according to specifications
  • Static Thermal Study (RT 2012)
  • Dynamic Thermal Study with different simulations & scenarios
  • Fluid study / D.P.A. phase / D.C.E.
  • Sizing of the heating elements based on the thermal study
  • Sizing of the ventilation system
  • Supply of the DCE file (CCTP + plans)
  • CCTP, DPGF & design drawings for the technical lots with the layout of equipment and appliances (heating, ventilation, plumbing if applicable).
  • Production of design plans


FUGU® Hospitality designs, develops and markets for the open-air hotel industry.
Our objective is to build more natural habitats without any nuisance and to provide a unique experience.
Thanks to reinforced insulation, we ensure sustainable construction and low energy production, and offer products that fit perfectly into natural spaces in order to limit the environmental impact and contribute to sustainable tourism

FUGU® Hospitality

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