6 good reasons to adopt the roadshow!

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6 good reasons to adopt the roadshow!

The time of digital and remote is over! What interests 3.0 consumers? The contact, the link, to immerse themselves in a brand universe and participate directly in the life of a company and its evolution.

Considered one of the best event marketing practices, the roadshow allows you to reach your audience by going directly to meet them! With a predefined itinerary, the objective is to stop in several cities to attract a wider target audience and raise awareness of your brand in an original way.

You want to promote your new product but don't know how to stand out? Get closer to your future consumers thanks to unusual and modular structures dedicated to this trendy event practice. We have identified 6 good reasons for you to adopt the roadshow!


1. Revolutionising tomorrow's events

The events sector is changing! Become a player in this revival by opting for the roadshow. This trend is fully in line with the need for innovative and original proposals. Gone are the traditional events, the public is now looking for the surprise and the WAOUH side. Are you going in circles and no longer know how to impress your customers? Dare to innovate, try the roadshow!

This marketing operation, which consists of relaying the same event in different cities, allows you to revitalise your product presentation strategies. This type of practice combines both festivity and unusualness for a successful promotional tour!

Animations, competitions, demonstrations, cocktail parties... there are many creative possibilities! Make your company shine with the roadshow and build the event of tomorrow.

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2. Increase visibility and awareness

What could be more attractive than a brand that travels from city to city to physically present its offer for a few days? Located in the city centre or in an unusual location, the roadshow undoubtedly increases the visibility of an event. This marketing tool not only allows you to capture a larger target audience but also to obtain prospects you might not have thought of. 

Do you know about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) syndrome? This phenomenon refers to the fear of missing a cultural event, a party or another opportunity for social interaction. The limited duration of a roadshow in each stopover city makes people want to take part in your event, which only lasts for a short time! With a good dose of communication and organisation, you can be sure that your project will be a success.


3. Acquire new prospects

There is nothing better to arouse the curiosity of passers-by than the unusual! Capture different types of customers by arousing their interest through the originality of your event. Presenting your products physically makes it easier to gain the trust of your prospects.

The roadshow allows you to promote your brand's new products through live demonstrations and animations. Do you sense any doubts or questions from your audience? Organise a question-and-answer session or offer them to test your products directly to praise their merits.

As a marketing ally of choice, the roadshow is an effective way to be convincing and friendly thanks to the proximity that allows direct contact with your audience. By listening carefully and giving convincing arguments about the quality of your brand, you are sure to increase trust in your company.


4. Building lasting relationships with your audience

Are you wondering how to build trust with your audience? As a powerful marketing tool, the roadshow allows you to communicate your company's identity through the values you wish to promote.

Bring a human dimension to your event by going directly to meet your audience. Such an experience, totally immersed in your brand universe, will leave them with a memorable souvenir that is so much more memorable than a simple television ad!

Between sharing, listening and conviviality, this unusual approach makes it possible to establish a solid relationship with clients, prospects and even employees by building lasting loyalty.



5. Boosting competitiveness

Roadshows are a great way to exchange ideas. The pleasant and reassuring atmosphere of this type of meeting makes it possible to convert your prospects into loyal employees. As the event marketing specialist François BONIN has stated: "The number of visitors making a purchase increases when they have direct access to the product: the sales statistics for roadshows prove it".

More than a marketing tool, the roadshow contributes directly to the success of your sales performance and allows you to take into account the direct opinions of the public. Thus, this practice improves your return on investment while favouring your future business meetings! 


6. Optimise your staging with modular and practical structures

Create a space that reflects your image to take your audience on a journey! The objective is to be able to recreate a faithful setting for each of your trips: decor, presentations, animations... To do this, nothing beats a structure that is easy to deploy and practical to use.

For example, our Expandable structure allows you to assemble several containers with each other to give you more space and modularity, while our comfortable Roadshow Cube is 100% customizable.

In order to offer you a tailor-made event solution, these nomadic structures are available in several sizes and offer various options. Specially designed for your event tours, they are easy to assemble and dismantle and offer you simplified logistics.


Play it cool with these custom finished cubes that are as easy to move as they are to set up thanks to a detachable trailer and hydraulic jack system. L'Expandable and the Roadshow Cube guarantee you a quality service and great flexibility.

With a customization to your image, they offer you a hybrid solution that accompanies you at every stage of your event tour!


As you will have understood, the roadshow is THE solution to make a lasting impression at your next events. Showcase your brand and your products by meeting your contacts directly in a space that is both modular and quick to set up.

As a real "road show", the roadshow allows you to create a strong link with your audience by immersing them totally in your brand universe. Between staging, itinerary and animations, use your imagination to create an experience rich in emotion!

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